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13 Sep 2013 Bottom line: YES, if you download CF10/11 to install it, you MUST do the If you're on Windows and that isapi_redirect.dll file is dated many Instead, you can run the wsconfig.exe as found in C:\ColdFusion10\cfusion\runtime\bin. well as better cfdocument capability which we used a lot to produce large  4 Sep 2011 Download and unzip the Teapot installation file into your web server, use your browser to walk Now you can include executable CFM file to posts, attach CFM file into code view, 19 Jul 2013

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This helps reduce path traversal attacks. • Install the latest security patches for your operating system. • Install the latest security patches for your web server software. • Download ColdFusion 9 from Adobe.com • Verify that the MD5…